AYANAH collection will be available in the heart of Paris on June 4th! During this special day, you will have the opportunity to meet the creators of the brand in a relaxed atmosphere. You can do your shopping with your girlfriends and try on as many swimsuits as you want! For information, there will be a special 15% discount

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Thank you for your support!

  Many thanks to all the people who believed in our project and supported the launch of our first collection ! Françoise, Andromaque, Marielle, Julie, Yannick, Rachel, Fatoumata, Nelly, Jahira, Safi, Anh-Tuy, Thi Kim, Yuki, Souad, Lovelylily, Adeola, Danielle, Racine, Asia, Lamine, Pamela, Judith, Merrian, Anais, Keenya, Sylvie, Christelle, Patricia, Jean, Wilfried, Corinne, Wawi, Ralph, Leila, Charles,

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