Ethical Fashion in Africa

The notion of ethics has become almost unavoidable when talking about entrepreneurship. It can take many forms depending on the business sector. When it comes to Fashion, I discovered that more and more brands integrate this principle in their concept and production process.

Recently, I became interested in the Ethical Fashion Initiative. This organization connects fashion designers and artisans throughout the world and particularly in Africa. With their slogan “Not charity, just work”, it is mainly about enhancing the exceptional know-how of people living in poverty. The aim is to help them develop their economies through their talent and creativity.

The Ethical Fashion Initiative is dedicated to support African designers with strong potential by organizing since 2013 the “African Fashion Designer mentoring program “. The organization makes a very careful selection of designers with whom it wishes to establish a lasting partnership.

They consider that the fashion industry can become a real strenght for the continent. The goal is jobs creation and international recognition of African fashion. The Ethical Fashion Initiative works with world-renowned brands and partners: Stella Jean, Vivienne Westwood, Vogue Magazine, Stella McCartney, Black Magazine and many others. I’m delighted to see such an organization highlighting African designers! And this is just the beginning…

Written by the “Tenacious”

A sport? Volleyball

A movie? “Million Dollar Baby” by Clint Eastwood

A destination? Miami

A fashion essential? The white shirt

A beauty essantial? Lipstick

A TV show? Breaking Bad

A cartoon? “Jeanne & Serge”

A phobia? Rats

A motto? “Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”



AYANAH is an eco-friendly swimwear brand inspired by Africa. All the designs are created by 3 Afro-Parisians sisters with their own prints.//// AYANAH est une marque de maillots de bain d'inspiration africaine crée dans une démarche éco-responsable. Les fondatrices sont 3 sœurs Afro-Parisiennes qui imaginent tous leurs modèles et leurs motifs.

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