AYANAH was born from our strong passion for fashion. Raised in Paris of African descents, we draw our inspiration from the diversity of our cultural heritage.

AYANAH reflects the modern woman, eager to assert her personality through a trendy and original style. The brand AYANAH is attached to ethical values such as sharing and solidarity, which are part of its DNA.

As a company, we take into consideration sustainable development in the use of natural resources to design our collections. In all our decisions making process, we are dedicated to protect the environment in order to be a real player in the green fashion industry. 

Art is at the heart of our creative process. We are committed to value emerging african artists through occasional collaborations. Morevover, we wil donate a part of our profit to a culturally oriented organization named The African Modern Art Project based in Tanzania. They help children and women to unleash their artistic potential in order to become financially independent. Our aim is to highlight a contemporary and creative Africa. 

“Alone, you go faster. Together we go further”

African proverb